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Business Value
through Innovation

Emerging Technology & Processes

for Architecture & Construction

  • Realize tangible business results from your digital transformation and strategic investments in innovation and emerging technology

  • Make more effective decisions, informed by spatial experience and intelligent systems

  • Drive out waste in building design, construction, and operations by leveraging emerging technology and processes

  • Create a more sustainable, affordable, and equitable built environment through digital transformation

  • Understand the motivations and challenges of AEC professionals, to better develop and align solutions to their needs


Improve Your Business

Consulting Services

My services are as varied as your individual needs. Engagements might include:

  • Brief consultations and advice on a specific subject matter

  • Facilitated workshops and deep dives to ideate or prioritize your roadmap

  • Support for your messaging and meaningful engagement with customers

  • Long-term management of pilot projects and programs to ensure success


Image by Patrick Perkins

Strategy & Trusted Advice

Drive Business Value

from Digital Transformation

I help AEC companies strategically leverage innovation and implement emerging technology to drive business value and realize meaningful and measurable outcomes in their practice, their projects, and their clients.​


I also help emerging tech companies land and expand their solutions in the AEC industry, leveraging my decades of direct experience in architecture and construction, customer success, partner engagement, and product management.​


I diagnose before I prescribe, and we will discover pains, analyze opportunities, and align on outcomes before exploring, identifying, and driving solutions.

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XR & Digital Twins

Enable Effective Decisions

through Spatial Experience

With my deep expertise in XR technology and digital twins -- researching, developing, testing, and applying XR on hundreds of successful projects over my career -- I ensure your successful adoption of this technology to benefit mission-critical projects, business units, and the enterprise.​


I successfully champion virtual reality and augmented reality in industry, and have proven they enhance productivity, sustainability, and equity for designers, builders, and owners.​


I can work with you to identify and achieve a tangible return on investment in this emerging technology.


Lean & Prefabrication

Drive WasteOut of Construction

The AEC industry is filled with waste, and there are abundant challenges and opportunities to make the built environment more affordable, sustainable, and equitable. 


We must adopt a continuous improvement mindset, and leverage new methodologies, processes, and technologies to change the way we design and build.​


Leveraging my background in lean construction and supporting prefabricated, volumetric modular construction, I can help you drive waste from your projects and processes to save time and money.



Drove 40% increase in productivity for a specialty contractor by implementing custom augmented reality solution to accelerate field installation.


Clients and Partners
"Dace's ability to define a complex problem, foster collaboration, and drive consensus was key to this fast moving, highly visible role. His passions for the project shone through
as he quickly became the face for this key initiative."

-- Nathan C. Bowser, CMO

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A bit about me



I am a professionally licensed architect with extensive experience developing and implementing strategy and innovation, to help companies realize tangible business results from their investment in technology. 


AEC professionals struggle to enjoy a return on their investment in emerging technology as much as tech companies struggle to meaningfully understand the challenges faced by  enterprise customers.


This is where I come in, with solid experience and a keen ability to translate and establish value across industry and technology. 

It is my personal mission to help create a more sustainable world through thoughtful application of spatially contextual data to improve design, construction, and operation of the built environment.

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